#12 - 'Ethical' Clothing (With PICO Project)


Project PICO - Version 3.0

Joining the conversation in episode 12 of Version 3.0 are Phoebe and Isobel - the founders of Project PICO. The pair aims to produce high quality clothing essentials in a fair way - but to do this they first had to understand what concepts like ‘fair’ and ‘ethical’ actually mean; which materials are the least environmentally damaging? Is utilising cheap oversees labour exploitive or providing much needed jobs? Should they use organic or genetically modified seeds? Answering these questions, and many more, took PICO to the backwaters of India to meet the farmers and factory workers who are the hidden hands of our fashion industry. In this podcast we chat about their journey, what they’ve learnt so far and their ambitions to establish a transparent and fair clothing range.