What happens when you take 2 highly unprofessional “professionals” from the music industry, give them alcohol and switch on a microphone? A pretty damn good podcast! Hosted by Chris and Jak The Pessimists guarantees some funny, uncensored and candid conversations between themselves, as well as bringing in guests from the music industry to add some fuel to the fire.



By day Chris is a Graphic Designer working for a major label within the music industry, specialising in Digital Campaigns and Art Direction, and is also the co-host of the Pessimists. By night he can be found lurking in Hip-Hop forums, talking about how he believes The Neptunes are the greatest producers of all time, and his theory on Young Thug stealing Lil Wayne’s identity.


Jak currently works for a major label in the Music industry, has written for leading UK urban websites with publications reaching readers of 100,000, runs his own media site and is a co-host of The Pessimists. He is a self-proclaimed Grime expert, snob and advocate as well as a lifelong student of hip-hop.