Would You Survive An Apocalyptic Event?


 "Europe is a big place. I’m not going to take cards off the table. We have nuclear capability... We have to negotiate. There will be times maybe when we’re going to be in a very deep, very difficult, very horrible negotiation. The last person — I’m not going to take it off the table."
                                                                      POTUS Donald Trump [Fox News, 31/03/16]


There are over 15,000 nuclear weapons worldwide, and you can't have Donald “I don’t want to rule out anything” Trump, and Vladimir "I like to measure my dick [read: Military prowess]" Putin calling the shots without nudging the Doomsday clock a little closer to midnight. However unlikely that nuculear fallout may seem, however irrational, or however many safegaurds are in place, the cards are on the table... and they aren't being removed anytime soon. Suprisingly, even with all this happening in front of our eyes, preparing for nuculear war is pretty low on the priority list for an apocolypse prepper.

According to the UK Preppers Guide, it’s equally likely that an EMP will wipe out our technological infrastructure, and a lot more likely that a natural disaster or biological pandemic will bring about our end of days. So what's the number 1, most likely scenario for the downfall of humanity? Global. Economic. Collapse.

It seems more of a rational fear than nuclear war, doesn't it? So maybe we should stop worrying about Trump's tiny fingers pushing that big red buton, and instead start worrying about him bringing down the global economy with his crazy plan to deal with American national debt. After all, what better person to deal with debt than a man who has written his off and filed for bankruptcy 4 times. Maybe it's time to bolt down and stock up on tinned food, after all.

'Prepping' is rising in popularity, and I can honestly see why. Preppers make it their priority to ensure they are both mentally and physically equipped to survive a number of possible civilization ending events. However, being a prepper seems to carry a ‘whackjob’ stigma. We’ve all probably seen the documentaries with the paranoid camo-clad guys, bolted into their barbed wire forts, brandishing an arsenal of high-caliber weaponry (ironically, also the people who were seen attending Trump's ralies). In any case - as in every walk of life, certain people take it to extremes – unfortunately for the prepping community these are the people the media latch onto.

On the latest episode of Version 3.0 we spoke to Steve Hart, who runs the UK’s top prepping website, to find out what exactly it means to be a prepper. To no surprise, Steve is a perfectly rational, level headed guy. A rational, level headed guy who has a plan. Multiple plans in fact! And more importantly the practical skills and experience to action them, should the need arise.

"Every modern building has a fire escape; It doesn’t mean the architects’ are hoping it burns to the ground."


Steve explains to us the very real decisions a prepper runs through in their head – When do you pull the plug and walk away from society to survive alone? Is there an exit strategy for when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel?  And if the shit hits the fan…what do you do when unprepared guys like me, Ryan and Marc come knocking on your door asking for help?

Some may think prepping is paranoia, some may think it’s a nonsensical waste of time…But maybe it pays to be prepared? Every modern building has a fire escape; It doesn’t mean the architects’ are hoping it burns to the ground. I can guarantee that if the apocalypse actually comes, we’ll all be kicking ourselves that we didn’t use the internet, while we could, to watch a 5 minute YouTube tutorial on how to make a fire.

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