Comedian Simon Feilder returns to our screens with his hit* vlog series Die Trying, charting the ups, downs and bits-in-between of a professional comedian. Last season he went deep on a number of hot-button issues like 'what do comedians do in the day?', 'does it matter what I wear onstage?' and 'how not to behave at a comedy show' and now he's back with more tasty morsels of behind-the-scenes comedy gold.

During his post-season break (yes, we watch too much American TV) Simon went to the Edinburgh Fringe and even managed to make a mini-vlog-series about that! (it's called 'grind.' and it's on his YouTube channel as well).

Season 2 of Die Trying promises to up the ante by coming out weekly (!) on Fridays, being shot on Simon's new camera (it's very new and he's very excited) and featuring "a bit more personal/life stuff so it's not all niche comedy things" (Simon's words not ours).

The first episode featured something for everyone: airports, fancy montages, a trip to Prague, heartfelt emotions, American Football, a joke about nans' carpets and much more. Episode 2 is out today (Fridays, remember!) and features even more Prague (evidently there's a lot to see), even more montages and a hilarious run-in with an emo rock band that Simon is fan of (despite being in his 30s). 

Chuck your devil horns in the air and check it out! \m/

*his Mum believes this