Extracurricular Reading: School Handbook

PE teacher Mr Stuart shares everything you need to know as a new student at Schott’s Academy for the Academically and Physically Gifted, with this exclusive extract from the school’s student handbook.

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School Mission Statement    
‘Conis Per Virtutem’

Code of Conduct
The highest standards of behaviour and dedication are expected of all students of Schott’s Academy.  Students are expected to abide by the 3 Cs:
PE kit: long-sleeve royal blue shirt, white shorts, blue knee length socks and white trainers or pumps with non-marking soles. No stripes or brand labels. Bibs will be provided.

For all other subjects: long-sleeve royal blue shirt, white shorts, blue knee length socks and white trainers or pumps with non-marking soles. No stripes or brand labels. Bibs will be provided.

Illegal substances
Schott’s Academy has a zero-tolerance approach to illegal substances on school premises, but is willing to turn a blind eye to performance enhancing sporting stimulants.

Students are expected to run, or at least jog, to school. Buses from local neighbourhoods to the school gates are provided, in order to set a reasonable pace.

All students will receive nightly homework assignments for completion according to a deadline set by their teacher. It is recommended that students keep their own cones at home for this purpose.

Extra-curricular activities
Schott’s provides a full range of enrichment opportunities for students beyond the core curriculum. 

The music department offers after-school lessons in various instruments - primarily horns, trumpets and megaphones. Budding percussionists may prefer to take up the agogo.

Students displaying the appropriate sporting prowess will be invited to represent the school competitively against other institutions, to maintain our proud record of Inter-School Cone Running Championships and shameful record of defeat in all other endeavours.

Regular school trips take place throughout the year. Recent excursions have taken in the Melba Swintex factory, Antonelli’s Ice Cream Museum, and Alton Towers.

The school’s ancient library is well-stocked with all the the major tomes required for academic success, in addition to books to be read for pleasure, such as the complete John Grisham’s ‘Theodore Boone: Kid Detective’ series. Students may borrow up to three books at a time and it is recommended that they begin with the core texts - ‘The Art of Running Really Fast’, ‘Bib Repair Volume 1’, and the second chapter of Tina Hoban’s ‘Cubes, Cones, Cylinders and Spheres’.

Week 1 Timetable
8.30-9.00 - Assembly and warm-down stretches
9.00-9.15 - Warm-up stretches
9.15-9.50 - English (Mr Stuart) -  understanding character within John Steinbeck’s Of Mice & Men through intensive running between cones.
9.50-10.35 - Geography (Mr Stuart) - the Mountain peaks of the Himalayas: to what extent can they be described as cones? 
10.35-11.00 - Recess and oranges
11.00-11.40 - Maths (Mr Stuart) - using short sprints between cones to calculate the volume of a three-dimensional shape with rounded sides that tapers smoothly from a flat base to a point.
11.40-12.20 - History (Mr Stuart) - the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt
12.20-13.20 - Lunchtime
13.20-14.40 - Physical Education (Mr Stuart) -  Cone running
14.40-15.00 - Recess
15.00-16.00 - Science (Mr Stuart) - Biology - enzymes, plant nutrition and photosynthesis
16.00-16.15 - Warm-down stretches and end of school day