My Sister's Dollhouse - A new film(?) by Jim Archer

We asked writer and director, Jim Archer, to explain his new short.

We instantly regretted it.

Abiding by our own rules (damn our rules) we won't edit, censor or tell you what to write. So here it is...

250 words. I have to write 250 words so that SOAP will put my video (film?) on their website. Can I call it a film? I want to call it a film but it’s not even 3 minutes long and films are famously longer than that. I certainly don’t want to call it a video though, that’s like calling a novel ‘text’. Actually I suppose if you're studying something you call it a text, but no one’s going to study this movie(?) because it’s seriously dumb.  Although one blog has sort of studied it, but that kind of thing tends to happen with Vimeo.

Anyway 250 words, where am I up to? 113.

If you’re reading this you are 100% wasting your time, just watch the flick (absolutely not) now and don’t read on. This is LITERALLY filler. I actually have no idea if Soap will even accept this, they said I could write what I want but that doesn’t mean they won’t ask me to change it. Maybe I’ll experiment by writing something extremely offensive and see if they redact it. Here goes:

“I think that all ****** should fuck off back to their own ******* country”.

Wow, if they don’t redact that I’m extremely sorry. I surprised even myself there, I didn’t even realise I had a problem with asterisks.

Where am I up to? 228! The home stretch. The hooooome stretch guys.

The stretch that goes all the way home.

Home Town. There we go.

249. Bye!

Editor's note: The video is really, really great. Watch it below.

A filmmaker tries to discover himself by making a film... he fails. A parody, of sorts.