Note: Want to know what the G-wizz is going on? Listen to Episode 25 of FACT UP - G-FUNK. This is EXTRA CURRICULAR learning.


The latest in a long line of G-Funk royalty, Warren H, runs us through his favourite things to regulate. 

Regulators. I'm regulating any stealing of your property (or other violations). I'm damn good too. But you can't be any geek off the streets. You’ve gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean (I MEAN A GUN), earn your keep. Let me, His Royal G-Funkness Warren H, break you off with my favourite rules and regulations..

Parking Regulations

Picture the scene, you've got a car full of girls and it's going real swell, the next stop is the Eastside Motel. Only problem is, that it’s on-street parking at the Eastside Motel and that’s only free from 6pm Monday to Friday and all day at weekends. You check the clock and it’s 5.45pm. No sweat. Simply make sure you have sixteen in the clip in one in the hole (I’M TALKING ABOUT A GUN), then pay the $2.50 for the full hour because life’s too short and at the very least that money will go to making improvements to the local area.

EU Regulations

Now a regulation is a legal act of the European Union that becomes immediately enforceable as law in all member states simultaneously. It keeps your bananas curved and ensures basic safety standards across all member states.There’s no getting around this, unless you say back up, back up cause it's on, and Brexit up outta there. To be honest, that's pretty self defeating, and they'll have your homey hemmed up and they all around, ain't none of them seeing if they going straight pound for pound. Incidentally, the pound for Euro exchange rate is pretty poor at the moment, so probably avoid any big currency transfers for a while.

Noise Regulations

These are for the benefit of everyone, a quiet atmosphere in the ‘hood keeps things real neighbourly and serene. No one wants to be disturbed during afternoon nap time by some busta rocking his stereo at maximum volume, or worse, letting his Gat explode (THIS IS A GUN). But let’s say you’re tweaking, into a whole new era, G-Funk, step to this, I dare ya, its funk, on whole new level, the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble - what then? Headphones are your friend, son. 

There you have it homies. Everything you need to know from a real Regulator.  If you know like I know, you don't wanna step to this. It’s the G-Funk era, funked out with a gangsta twist.