EXTRA CURRICULAR LESSONS: Recipe For Sucess With The Naked Chef

Word on the street is that a new naked restaurant has opened up in London. I’m not having that, there’s only room for one naked restaurant, and that's my Naked Brasserie. Come on down for a stir fry and a cold beer. Or I’ll heat that beer up for you if you like, whatever. But come clothed. Only me, The Naked Chef, may be naked. This is a family restaurant. 

If you do want to open up your own (clothed) restaurant, here’s my tips. And not the kind you leave at the end of the meal. But seriously, read this. I know what I'm talking about

1. Wok Prep

Get yourself a good wok. You’re gonna be making street food (obviously), so you better come correct. One from my range would be an excellent choice. Or a Ken Hom at least - we've got the same supplier. Next, you wanna heat up the wok handle. When I say heat it up, I mean it. You wanna heat that thing up to an INCREDIBLE HEAT.

Pro tip: watch yourself, I've got some pretty nasty burns at this stage. 

2. Ingredients

Only the best ingredients go onto my wok. Everyone knows that the best street food is stir fry. That's a given. And for a good stir fry you only need one ingredient - a bell pepper. Well, not literally one ingredient, but you need a good bell pepper at the very least. Chop it all up and bung it in a pile.

Pro tip: watch yourself, I've got some pretty nasty cuts at this stage.

3. Cooking it right

The secret to good street food is not just chopping a load of stuff up and bunging it into a pile. No, you've also got to throw it on the Wok, which I reiterate, must have a handle brought to an INCREDIBLE HEAT.

4. Service

Time to serve up your stir fry to the customers. Get yourself a kitchen bell. Every good restaurant has one, it'll make you look proper. Oh yeah, and hire some waiters. Pro tip: don't let your waiters be naked, that's unhygienic and will distract your head chef.

5. Pay homage to the Naked Chef

Follow these tips and everyone will have a great time. Of course, they’re eating the Naked Chef’s recipe. And don't you forget it. Give due credit on the menu to the man that you owe it all to, me. Remember, I've got a Ken Hom wok with an INCREDIBLY HOT handle and I’m not afraid to use it. Watch yourself.

The Naked Chef’s latest recipe book ‘Wok Out with your Cock Out’ is available from The Naked Brasserie now. Hear his latest reading on Episode 3 of Fact Up podcast - FOOD below: