Always Carry A Dictionary

Every year the people at Harper Collins Publishing choose a shortlist of words to be added to their English dictionary. It acknowledges the ever-changing nature of the English language and goes some way to highlight that, as we get older, we have absolutely no clue what the youth of today are talking about. At least this way, when you hear some say something like -

"There's bare uberization in the dude food market, you know?"

or even -

"The snowflake generation is all worried about JOMO and sharenting when the real problem is all the trumpisms being thrown around. We should be throwing shade on that! Mic drop."

...We can look it up in the dictionary so we don't feel stupid. 

Yes. They are all real words (Definitions here). Always carry a pocket dictionary, ladies and gents, you don't want to be caught off guard!

In a landmark move, the Collins Dictionary invited cameras behind the scenes to film the mysterious process by which they choose the annual Word of the Year.


Sketch written, produced and performed by The Free Association