Comedy improvisers Alex Holland and Shamus Maxwell (plus special guest) discuss their loves, hates and thoughts about science fiction, fantasy and everything in between, from childhood experiences to the latest books, films and TV shows. 




Shamus Maxwell

Shamus is a member of The Wilsons, co-founder of creepy improv duo Demons To Some and teaches Level 2 at the FA. Before the FA was a twinkle in Graham Dickson's eye he tore up the London improv scene as a member of the legendary (to their members) So This Is Earth and Bleak Mouse. Shamus has been a character comedian/clown, and will be again, but loves improv best of all. He is also a writer and lo-fi film-maker and many of his films and collaborations can be found online at vimeo.com

Alex Holland

Alex Holland is a writer, comedian and improviser. He has a 2009 Royal Television Society Award for the comedy sketch film ‘Best Friends That Love Each Other’ which he co-wrote and performed whilst at University, has trained with Monkey Toast improv company and the FA, and is a co-founder of improv troupe The Petting Zoo.