Michael and Richard are deeply troubled. By many things.  Using each other as a human sounding board, the gents confront their gravest concerns and everyday trials and tribs.  The outcome of which is a realisation that to relish, is to live and to live is to relish.

Don't be fooled by the title, Gentlemen's Relish is for all of you 'millennials'; the forgotten members of Generation Y!  We all ride the undulating waves of life in the 21st Century, paying through the nose for artisan coffee, scratching out an existence, wondering if social media holds the answer to it, and hoping that ours somehow means more than the person next to us. It's enough to make us all bitter and twisted. Not Michael and Richard. They've got the formula and relishing is its main component part.

The apocalypse could come you know. Better to enjoy things while you can.

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Michael Cusick

Michael is a gifted wordsmith, baker and  procrastinator. He is happiest matching soft furnishings, preparing candle-lit suppers and refilling his room diffusers. His penchant for brightly coloured clothing is legendary, if slightly off-key at times and if you're caught unawares he'll keenly chew your ear off about the vagaries of politics and cultural pursuits. Opinionated, eloquent and proud…..oh and he spends an unnecessary amount at the hairdressers.

Richard Popple

Richard is eligible, but read the small print before proceeding. Never happier than when exercising due care and attention on his yellow two wheeler, matching rucksack perched on his shoulders, bicycle clip pinching his shins. Yes, he is a man who seeks extremes: the fast and furious that City life can bring and the stillness of inward contemplation that only meditation can endow. Hard to satisfy you think? Perhaps, but thrust a malted milk biscuit in his chops and you’ll have him in the palm of your hand.