#12 - Meth

Define Werk Artwork

In episode 13 we talk Danny La Rue, Berry's Coaches & Drag Drag Drag with the addictive Meth, on Define Werk! With the hosts, quadruple threat Francesca Reid, a.k.a Brent Would and the all encompassing Jack James Baxter, a.k.a Ms Hollie Would. Getting us hooked and telling us about her many talents, Meth is our drug of choice. 

Self proclaimed female surrealist and another star of the critically acclaimed London's live series, 'Drag Queen's of London', we chat about the Meth lab and the killer collective The Familyyy Fierce. We talk of how dancing turned into to burlesque and how Meth's performance has evolved. Come take a hit, but as Meth herself says "Don't Do Drugs...Do meth"..