#11 - Silver Summers

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In episode 11 we talk from "Diapers to Drag" with the star of "Drag Queens of London', the gorgeous Silver Summers on Define Werk! With the hosts, quadruple threat Francesca Reid, a.k.a Brent Would and the all encompassing Jack James Baxter, a.k.a Ms Hollie Would. Charming the pants off of us both, Silver makes us laugh and tells of the fascinating journey she has taken thus far, to be fabulously here today. 

We talk about being a part of the legendary London Live show 'Drag Queens' of London and the personal and professional challenges that posed. We also talk all things drag, The Fabulettes, Buffalo Girls & her up-coming projects. You can catch Silver Summers being a mega talent in her biographical tale 'Uncovered' (21 June 18.30pm) at The Pheasntry - Chelsea, part of Pizza Express Live (with a live band!). You can also catch her as the hostess with the mostest at Bloc Bar's exciting new talent competition the 'Q factor' - to uncover the next queer superstar, every Monday until the Grand Final on 8th August.