#6 - Ese Ighorae

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In episode 6 we welcome a power house in the form of the wonderful Ese Ighorae, sharing coffee with the hosts of Define Werk! The intersectional Francesca Reid, a.k.a Brent Would and the all encompassing Jack James Baxter, a.k.a Ms Hollie Would. 

Ese Ighorae is an actor & a writer to name but a few of her talents. She's another shining gem from East 15 & has a truly distinct and moving style of writing. From performance poetry to plays Ese is hitting us hard in the heart strings and forcing us to play long forgotten necessary melodies.

We chat finding your voice as a writer and embodying roles as an actor. We also discuss the process and development of her hard hitting piece Olu & what it is to be a British Nigerian in everyday life and the industry.

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Huge Thanks xx