#2 - Jessica Lucia Andrade

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In episode 2, we bed down once more with the hosts of Define Werk! The intersectional Francesca Reid, a.k.a Brent Would and the fruity Jack James Baxter, a.k.a Ms Hollie Would. With them under the double divan, is the gymnastic aerialist with acting chops to boot - Jessica Lucia Andrade. 

Jess humorously chats with them on her humble beginnings in South Woodford and how she found a plummier tone at the hands of "The Marog". We get to learn of her leaps and tumbles into performance and what it it's like as a British Asian artist from drama school, through to a career that has taken her into the sky, with aerial work at it's core. We also explore her latest work "Brownie Club" which reflects on what it is to be made to feel "other".