#1 - Sarah Bennetto

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Define Werk! is a fruity intersectional cocktail of Comedy, Politics, Drag , Art and Pop Culture. In each episode our guest will titillate us with tales about why they do what they do. Join Ms Hollie Would  & Brent Would (a.k.a Jack James Baxter & Francesca Renée Reid) for a gay old educational time.

In episode 1, we meet the hosts of Define Werk!, all 4/2 of them; Francesca Reid, a.k.a Brent Would and Jack James Baxter, a.k.a Ms Hollie Would. The first guest on Define Werk! is the highly humane Comedian Sarah Bennetto. Sarah is an Australian export and aren't we glad we have her now! The funny lady gives us a sneak peak of what we can expect from her 2016 Edinburgh show + her plans to uncover some hidden treasure in the U.S.A desert, seriously! Sarah gives us some tips on juggling a successful career in the demanding life of a Londoner. 

For more info check out the Define Werk! website: definewerk.com