Define Werk! is a fruity intersectional cocktail of Comedy, Politics, Drag , Art and Pop Culture. In each episode our guest will titillate us with tales about why they do what they do. Join Ms Hollie Would  & Brent Would (a.k.a Jack James Baxter & Francesca Renée Reid) for a gay old educational time.





Francesca trained at East 15 Acting school in not only acting, but also writing, directing, clowning and puppetry. Since graduation she has worked internationally in musical theatre and comedic productions in both English and Spanish. Francesca, has worked for over a decade as a facilitating community artist, with vulnerable groups including; young offenders, young mum's, new arrivals, SEN groups, mental health service users and the elderly. 

These days, she predominantly works as a stand up, singer, improviser and presenter but has begun to come to back to her roots as a theatre actor. She is a central member of the clown/circus charity "The Flying Seagull Project" and has worked in areas of poverty and conflict using the arts to reconnect, heal and feel joy. Her recent endeavour is as Justin Bieber's biggest fan, Brent Would - drag King at Large, who can be found rapping and singing on the London circuit. Francesca is also the CEO of corporate improv training company "The Offer Bank" and artistic director of festival circuit darlings "Multiverse - The improvised musical comedy".


Jack has been in the U.K since 2014. He graduated from the U.O.W drama school in Australia, where he majored in stage and screen acting. He has hosted weekly residencies in Sydney and London at popular cabaret venues. He was a part of the "Rupaul's Drag Race - UK ambassador top 20 competition", on Tru Tv. Jack is the first trained drag queen celebrant in the UK, and performs wedding ceremonies in and out of drag. Jack, as Ms Hollie would was apart of OUTBOX theatre's production 'HOOK UP' in 2015 at the Hackney showroom.

Jack regularly performs at standup comedy nights and character comedy events across London. In 2015 Jack performed as apart of Lili La Scala's 'Another Fucking Variety Show' at the Edinburgh fringe festival. He has had a weekly radio show with co-host Francesca on Wandsworth radio since January 2015, which now features 'Define WERK!' He now also styles wigs for some the UK's most renowned Drag Artistes.