Love films?! So do we! Join us as we review upcoming movies before they hit the theatres. Way way before they hit theatres. In fact, they may never hit the theatres as we are making them up on the spot. Join hosts Jim Archer, Graham Dickson, and Kasey Wilson in a completley improvised podcast as they analyse plot, discuss the directors, and share clips from the actual (made-up) films.




Jim Archer

Jim trained in Improv at both Monkey Toast and the FA and is a founding member of smash-hit, live and kicking, CD:UK improv groupThe Petting Zoo. A comedy writer and director by trade, Jim’s short films have been shown around the world leading to him selling out and directing a series of commercials for Virgin Holidays.

Graham Dickson

Graham has been improvising for over 9 years. He began training at the renowned UCB Theatre in New York. He has also studied underHe is a founding member of the award-winning Austentatious, and co-founder of The Free Association.  When not improvising, Graham is an actor and writer.

Kasey Wilson

Kasey was born in a small town in California (Grass Valley). She has made a pretty decent living (owns a house and diamond rings) doing TV (Dexter), commercials (Philadelphia Cream Cheese), burlesque (tits), stand-up (I hate raisins!), improv (shout out a word!) and clowning (Cirque du Soleil).
Now she lives in London.