Anxiety and Christmas #7

Anxiety and Christmas #7

Welcome to a Very Anxious Christmas! Because, let's face it, Christmas is anxiety inducing for everyone, regardless if you have anxiety or not. What tat will you get your secret Santa? What horrors will slip out of drunk UKIP Steve's lips at Christmas dinner? Which revered 1980's pop icon will die this Christmas day? 

Joni and Natalie are back with a special Christmas episode of Another Anxiety Attack in front of LIVE audience. With music from the critically acclaimed Flo and Joan. 

Another Anxiety Attack #1

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Natalie is a manic and dyslexic extrovert. Joni is an indecisive and dispraxic introvert - yet they both have Anxiety. Helped along by director Celia - expect guests and mini sketches - join us each month as we explore our own fun-founded realities behind mental health as we break down the stigma attached to our fickle friend: Anxiety.